Rotary Compression Tester & Classified Performance

Bring you the newest digital Wankel Rotary engine specific compression tester.

24 months of development and in house testing have resulted in the most powerful, highest resolution handheld compression tester in the market place.

Providing accurate and repeatable compression readings on all rotary engines from 10A through to the latest Renesis 13B.

Whether you are a DIY'er or a Professional our plug and play design and proprietry electronics, firmware and sensor allow you to complete a multi chamber compression test.

Latest Tech

Designed and built using the latest ARM Cortex M4 Microcontrollers, to ensure maximimum performance, resolution and lowest power consumption.


We know rotary enthusiasts come in all shapes and size, as do their engines. The unit will give accurate, reliable and repeatable compression readings in all engines from the factory standard to the all out 1000+HP drag monsters. The unit is compatible with all oil and fuel types.

Custom Dedicated Sensor

12 months of R & D led to the design and manufacture of our billet pressure sensor. Specifically for use in the Wankel Rotary Engine, eliminating the need for adapters whilst reducing dead volume.

RCTV5.2 Displays correct results in PSI-Kg/2-Bar-kPa

What's included: 5.2 Tester and Billet sensor, protective silicone boot, shock proof storage case, 3ft extension cable, cleaning towel, 9v Duracell battery, Extra O-Rings, and Decal.

Rx8 Intake Hose

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Works with OEM or Racing Beat Intake Systems

Located in Mishawaka, Indiana USA

Email me at: rotarycompressiontester (at) yahoo (dot) com

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One year warranty

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Compression Test Results

Download this PDF so you can track your engines compression.